Woman Walking the World to Shine a Light on Women's and Girls' Issues

Woman Walking the World to Shine a Light on Women's and Girls' Issues

Angela Maxwell, 37, has been walking alone around the world for the past five years, crossing three continents, from the Mongolian Steppes to the Australian Outback, from the northernmost tip of Scotland to the southernmost tip of Italy. On April 6, she will begin the last leg of her journey, crossing the United States from the Lincoln Memorial to the Golden Gate Bridge over the course of the coming year. She is using her walk to shine a light on women’s and girls’ issues around the world, and to help Her Future Coalition.  

You can join the journey by walking, hosting or donating. The journey begins April 6 at 10am at the Lincoln Memorial and will go through New York City, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix and multiple cities in California, ending at the Golden Gate Bridge.   Your can follow the walk on Angela's website.

In 2014, Angela left behind her thriving business in Bend, Oregon, sold all her worldly goods, said goodbye to loved ones, and set out on an adventure that was radically different from anything she had experienced before. Explains Angela, “I went from high heels to hiking boots. The walk was unlike anything I had done in my life. I was not an adventurer, I was a business consultant”.

Maxwell’s walk is an experiment in simplicity and sustainability. Her lifestyle on the road includes spending less than $5 a day. She carries her few possessions in a wheeled cart, sleeps in a tent, and carries out any garbage she creates, leaving no trace. She has self-funded her walk and has raised funds for a several women’s empowerment organizations along the way.

Says Maxwell, “Everyone asks if I’m scared, sleeping alone in a tent in the middle of nowhere. Of course I am! I didn’t start walking because I was fearless, but because I was afraid of not following my heart.  Walking around the world has opened my eyes more than ever to the struggles women in so many parts of the world still face. I want to use this last leg of my journey to shine a light on women’s and girls’ issues, and the powerful impact we can have on the lives of women worldwide, when we walk together as one.”

Maxwell is partnering with international women’s agency, Her Future Coalition, to raise funds for, and awareness about gender-based violence, human trafficking and girls’ education.

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