We are ending the shame and powerlessness that many survivors experience, by giving them the opportunity to learn a profession and gain employment.  Our job training programs allow women to gain skills and find employment in respected professions, breaking the barriers in their families and society that once kept them vulnerable and exploited.

Survivors are stigmatized by society and often disowned from their families for bringing them shame. Fiscal independence erases that stigma.   Survivors rescued after the age of 16 are often unable to take a traditional academic path because they have never been to school. Our job training programs lead to high wage, empowering options for these young women.

Without job opportunities or basic education, many girls would be trafficked again, or fall back into exploitative situations because they have no other options for survival. Our employment programs address this problem, empowering survivors to be independent and to remain free forever.




Since 2010, we have offered training in goldsmithing and jewelry design to survivors and vulnerable women in three locations in India.  Our jewelers are breaking gender barriers as some of India's first women goldsmiths.  After completing our training, women are able to gain employment in this field and earn a wage comparable to a college graduate.  Some of the jewelers we have trained have over $15,000 in the bank!  Click the photo to read Priyanka's story.



           Vision for Empowerment Photography Training Program

We are thrilled to share our newest training program: Vision for Empowerment. Participants are paid a stipend to take an intensive training in photography, composition and photo editing by celebrated photographer Sarah Annay. This course is a bridge to further education as well as a job readiness and self expression program.  For many of the participants, it was the first time they held a camera or touched a computer and one of the very few times they have left their neighborhoods. View/Purchase the beautiful prints created by the women and girls in this project.



Her Future Coalition also supports survivors in vocational training or college education leading to diverse careers of their choice, including nursing, vet nursing, social work, business, catering, psychology and fashion design.