Her Future Clubs

Build the futures of survivors - and young people in your community - through a Her Future Club at your high school or youth group

Each year, passionate and socially conscious students have educated themselves and their community about the enormity of the human trafficking issue. They have held:

    • Food sales
    • Raffles
    • Valentines friend-gram fundraisers
    • Jewelry parties
    • International Banquets

The club activities allow kids to bond with their schoolmates in a shared endeavor, while helping provide futures for girls their own age in India and Nepal, whose lives have been shattered by gender violence. 


The students have expressed how much their high school experiences have been enriched by participation in such a life-changing program. The survivors are not only getting scholarships and promotion of their jewelry sales, but also are knowing that students half a world away are caring about them as they rebuild their lives.  The club builds leadership and activism among its members, and is a great resume-builder for college and job applications.

Sturgis Public Charter school is an International Baccalaureate School, and this international cause is a natural fit for the CAS (community, action, service) values of the I.B. model.  Any school or youth group can form a similar club and tailor it to the culture of their unique community. Contact rsinger@sturgischarterschool.org to ask any questions about forming an HFC club in your high school or youth group.

Learn more about how they did it at Sturgis in this How-To Guide

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