Building Her Future Party Host Resources

Her Future Video

Intentionally designed to summarize the issue of human trafficking and the solution that all have the opportunity to be part of through Her Future Coalition, choose from these two videos to showcase at your party when the majority of guests are present. The second link goes deeper into the issue of human trafficking than the first video, so you may choose the most appropriate video based on the age and demographic of your guests. 
It Takes A Girl Video                                      From Hell to Heaven Video


Guest Brainstorming Checklist

Need a little kickstart in creating your guest list? Simply use this template to help you brainstorm people to invite to your party. The more people at your event, the more fun and impactful it will be!


Invitation Templates

We want this to be the simplest and most meaningful event you host, so we’ve designed invitations for you to easily print, customize and send. Simply pick the design that best speaks to you and download it to make it your own. 


Invitation 1        Invitation 2       Invitation 3        Invitation 4        Invitation 5


Jewelry Display Set Up Ideas

You will receive up to 20 pieces of jewelry to display at your event. So when it comes to set-up, keep it simple. See pictures HERE. Utilize non-breakable objects around the house to showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of the jewelry. A solid, dark-colored table cloth or surface area with a light directly above the display is ideal. Baskets, boxes, driftwood, trays, plates, mirrors and scarves make great display accessories. Collapsible necklace holders, although not required, add height to your display and can be handcrafted or purchased at a local craft store.

Ideally set up the display so that guests can walk around the entire table/island for smooth traffic flow, and offer light refreshments in the same room as the display (if possible). Ideally have the jewelry in a location visible to a smart TV or computer where you and your guests watch the video you’ve selected that tells Her Future’s story.  


Event Reminder/Thank You Images

We all need a little reminder every now and again. So we designed images for you to download and send as a text or email message to your guests and post on social media. From a reminder to RSVP to a Thank You for attending, we have you covered.
Any Questions?


Printable Lookbook

Our full color Lookbook (catalog) includes photos, pricing and details of all our unique products for you to download and print.  




Online Ordering Process

All orders will be taken online at your event, and products will be delivered directly to the customer. If you’re not well-versed in ordering online, we’ve put a step-by-step tutorial together to help you navigate the online purchasing process HERE.



Party Success Tips


Events like these are where Her Future got its start. So we’ve put together some tips for your party based on what we’ve learned, to ensure success for you and the Events like these are where Her Future got its start. So we’ve put together some tips for your party based on what we’ve learned, to ensure success for you and the greatest impact for the women behind our designs. Click HERE for event success tips.



Have  additional questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions that tend to be top-of-mind for our hosts as they prepare for their impact event.




Behind each piece of jewelry is a courageous woman with a powerful story. By hosting a Building Her Future party, you provide hope to the hearts behind the design, raise awareness of the realities of slavery, and ignite passion in others that stirs them to purchase, sponsor or donate to the cause.  Thank you for making her story part of yours.