Host a 'Building Her Future' Party

Gather friends and  family in your home, office, school, or place of worship to learn about Her Future and the work we are doing to combat trafficking and gender violence, and to shop our high-quality, artisan-handcrafted jewelry.  Transform the lives of the women behind each design. 100% of proceeds are reinvested into our shelter, education and employment programs. 

Best of all, you help make Her Future a lot brighter!




What You Can Expect


Party Process

Party Perks

  Convenient 'Party in a Box' shipment directly to your home

  Digital resources to ensure party success

  Easy online ordering with FREE SHIPPING for anyone who orders at your party

  Seamless return process

  Gift of thanks (hint: it's jewelry!)

  Priceless feeling of knowing you've helped a woman thrive by providing for herself, her family and community


Party Resources

For your “Building Her Future” party success, we developed online resources with digital-ready documents for you to use in promoting and preparing for your event. Use what we have or make it your own. This is your event, and we are here to help it be a success as you connect with friends and family AND create positive change for courageous women worldwide.

Once you schedule your event, we will send you a link with access to invitation templates, DIY display ideas, videos, sales tips and instructions, product pictures, and more.




Still Have Questions?

Our team is here to help.  Contact us or read these FAQs.


As part of Her Future’s model for rebuilding lives by of providing shelter, education and employment to survivors and high risk women, we offer a comprehensive jewelry training program that provides healing, as well as a healthy salary to help women regain confidence and become leaders in their families and communities.  Behind each piece of jewelry is a courageous woman with a powerful story.  By hosting a 'Building Her Future Party,' you provide hope to the hearts behind the designs, raise awareness of the realities of slavery and women's issues, and ignite passion in others that stirs them to purchase, sponsor or donate to the cause.