Walk with Angela

How to Engage:

Walk with Angela

What’s it like to walk in her shoes? Now’s your chance to find out.

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to come out for an afternoon to walk with Angela. Here is what you will need:

 1. A starting point. You will be in direct communication with Angela’s campaign manager, Caroline, intermittently leading up to the walk. Together, you will find the ideal starting point along, or in range of, Angela’s route. Please email Caroline@HerFutureCoalition for considerations when choosing a starting point as it must be accessible for Angela’s cart.

2. A destination. The end point of the walk ranges anywhere from one to seven miles depending on host preference. We will work with you in finding a place where people may congregate like a café, for example.

We can offer promotional material to help you spread the word in your community!

Host Angela

You can offer your home as a resting place for Angela for a night. It can be anything from a covered barn to a room in a house, a campsite or a hotel room. You can donate the cost of a place to stay. Even just an offered cup of coffee as she passes through your town is appreciated.

If Angela is staying in your town or in your home, could you host a simple reception, and invite 10 or more friends?  She loves to talk about her adventures, answer questions, and share information about our work.


A room or a roof are equally appreciated. If you live in an apartment building, there will need to be a storage area for her cart. Her cart is foldable, but if there is no elevator it may be too difficult to get up the stairs.

If Angela is walking near your location but not through, she may be able to accept your offer if you are willing to pick her up and drop her off at the same location.

Contact: Caroline@HerFutureCoalition.org to Walk or Host or for more information.