Doni Photo Print

A richly colored, emotionally nuanced photographic portrait by Sarah Annay, created as part of the Vision for Empowerment photography training workshops in Kolkata.  This year's theme was 'Frida in Kolkata'.  The trainees learned about Frida's journey of healing through art, and then created living art by dressing up as Frida and photographing each other.  

Small= 5" x 7" matted print

Medium= 8" x 10" matted and framed print,

Large=16" x 24" printed and mounted on 1" photo board

100% of proceeds to to the urgent needs of survivors and high risk girls in Her Future's programs in India and Nepal - needs which have only grown greater since the onset of COVID 19 and the recent devastating cyclone, which destroyed the homes of some of our girls in the slums and red light areas of Kolkata.