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Riveted Silver Bangle

Riveted Silver Bangle

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Handcrafted, hammered sterling silver 8" bangle finished with a rivet for a refined industrial aesthetic. Trainer and designer Dianna Badalament explains her inspiration "My first trip over to India I became aware of how integral to Indian culture the bangle bracelet is. It was actually the first thing our artisans wanted to fabricate! And it was no wonder, so much time was spent talking about bangles, what they signified and what they meant historically. As I spent more and more time in India, I learned that if you intend to give bangles as a gift, you must not give less than six. But twelve is better. There was so much history and love for this versatile piece of jewelry, that even as a goldsmith I hadn't thought of. As soon as the artisans had the technical skills, I wanted to design a cool bangle for everyone to enjoy".

Size Large is 2.5" in diameter,  8..5" in circumference.

Size Small is 2.25" in diameter, 7.5" in circumference.

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