Standing in the Way

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This compelling memoir, co-written by Her Future founder Sarah Symons, shares Anjali’s incredible story of being trafficked at age twelve from her village in Nepal to the red light areas of Kolkata, India. Despite enduring the worst abuse imaginable, today Anjali is working to combat trafficking and protect the next generation of girls in her community. She is able to do so because of the help and healing she has received since being rescued in 2008. The stories of the courageous people who freed her and helped in her recovery are woven into the book alongside personal recollections and insights.
This book explores the root causes of human trafficking and the factors in Anjali's family and community that made her vulnerable. It describes vividly her journey to India as a young child, and the large, complex network of traffickers. brothel owners and madams who were involved in selling, transporting and exploiting her.
The book sensitively portrays the difficult life of a young girl in a brothel. It is suitable for readers 15 and up.
Anjali was eventually rescued, and the book tells that part of the story from the perspective of the rescuers as well as the girls themselves. Standing in the Way describes the innovative counseling and loving care that Anjali received after being rescued, which enabled her to recover from her trauma, develop her uniquely positive world view, and become a leader and activist.
Anjali was able to return to Nepal, return to school and make up the many lost years of education. Now in college, she is planning to go back to her village and open a school and anti-trafficking charity that will prevent other girls in her village from having to suffer as she did. While child sex trafficking is a difficult subject, the book is ultimately hopeful and inspiring

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