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Made By Survivors

Within Earrings

Within Earrings

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Contemporary 1.2" long sterling silver earrings, designed by Deepika, represent the sacred inner spirit within each human being.  We all have a body, but we are not our body.  We are not our worries, fears or thoughts.  We are not our roles or titles, such as wife, mother, student or boss.  You are not your job.  Your inner spirit transcends all of those things.  It is pure energy and love, and nothing and no matter what you do to a person, you cannot extinguish the human spirit.

100% of the profits from our jewelry goes back to programs fighting slavery, and to the artisans who create our jewelry.  We take no markup in the US - our programs to help women and children become free and independent are also supported by charitable donations.  Your purchase of this unique jewelry helps us educate, train and employ women coming out of trafficking and other severe abuse. 

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