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Her Future Coalition

Cardamom Necklace

Cardamom Necklace

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Our Cardamom Necklace honors the crux of what we love to do;  tea times and breaking bread, planting seeds for the future and facilitating growth.  An uncomplicated, organic piece with deep meaning that comes from a feminine nurturing place.

Cardamom is a highly revered spice for both it's culinary and therapeutic uses.  Known for it's unique, minty flavor, cardamom is used in everything from masala chai tea, to curries, to ice cream.  Medicinally, the spice is known for being an antioxidant and immune booster, among many benefits. In Ayurveda, cardamom is celebrated for balancing all the doshas, or, three energies that make up each individual person.

  • Sterling silver 16 cable inch chain with lobster claw 
  • Sterling silver pod pendant half inch in length 


Cardamom Jewelry is a celebration of nature, strength, and growth inspired by India and its women warriors. It honors the indomitable spirit of the women we work with.  Like nature, they find a way to flourish in the most unlikely conditions.

Cardamom designs are inspired by the timeless geometry of India and ancient tribal motifs. The collection is also inspired by seeds planted for personal growth, healing, and new beginnings.  The seeds used are spices at the root of Indian cuisine and culture, enjoyed at our favorite time of the day, teatime.  With each tea break or meal, like women everywhere, we bond, savor, laugh,  nourish and learn.  We heal, and we show up for each other.

Her Future Coalition’s jewelry studios are places of learning, growth, and independence. For the past decade, we have been breaking barriers and our jewelers take pride in being some of India's first women goldsmiths!  Our studios are fair trade, use sustainable materials and ethically sourced materials. 

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