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Education Donation

Education Donation

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Child survivors of slavery, and kids born into brothel communities, are destined to grow up and repeat the cycle unless they are given education to build a different kind of life.  Her Future Coalition supports the education of over 1000 child survivors and high risk kids to attend school, many for the first time in their lives.   Some of the children in our education programs were once enslaved in brothels for sexual exploitation. Others labored in quarries or brick kilns, or as domestic servants. Some are the children of slaves, growing up in red light areas.

100% of your donation in any amount will go directly to our Education Program, as all of our overhead expenses for the year are already covered by grants and donations.  

You can also set up a $30 recurring monthly sponsorship donation through PayPal, and be matched with a specific child to receive photos and reports quarterly. Please click here to learn more about sponsorship.  


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