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Made By Survivors

Resilience Earrings - Gold

Resilience Earrings - Gold

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Striking earrings, natural brass dipped in 22 Karat gold, on gold dipped sterling silver ear wires, 2.5" tall. The Resilience Earrings were inspired by the vines and flowering plants that grow all around our jewelry studio in Northern India, where the collection was designed. When you cut back a vine, it grows back even stronger, a beautiful metaphor for the women who make this jewelry. They have overcome tremendous challenges and suffering in their life but have come back stronger than ever.

100% of the profits from our jewelry goes back to programs fighting slavery, and to the artisans who create our jewelry.  We take no markup in the US - our programs to help women and children become free and independent are also supported by charitable donations.  Your purchase of this unique jewelry helps us educate, train and employ women coming out of trafficking and other severe abuse. 

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