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Her Future Coalition

Masala Bangle Gemstone Trio Set

Masala Bangle Gemstone Trio Set

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Set of three handmade, sterling silver, modern bangles each accented with a handmade sterling bell pod cradling a gemstone, like a pod holds a seed.  The bell is a traditional motif in ancient Indian jewelry design.  

The rich, deep red of Hessonite Garnet is referred to as the "cinnamon stone", and has been used for centuries in talismans for prosperity, happiness and good health. The striking deep orange of Carnelian is one of the most ancient stones used in jewelry with a rich history from multiple cultures.  Spiritually, it is believed to have protective powers. The Labradorite is a cool grey, with iridescent flashes of purple, blue, green, and yellow.  Labradorite is a stone of transformation and perseverance.   

  • Two sizes: X-small (2.125 inches) and Medium (2.5 inches)
  • Set of 3 bracelets, each with a gemstone set in a bell pod
  • (3) 3.5mm gemstones: Hessonite Garnet, Carnelian and Labradorite
  • Handmade

Our new Cardamom designs are inspired by the timeless geometry of India and ancient tribal motifs. The collection is also inspired by seeds planted for personal growth, healing, and new beginnings.  The seeds used are spices at the root of Indian cuisine and culture, enjoyed at our favorite time of the day, teatime.  With each tea break or meal, like women everywhere, we heal, and show up for each other.

Her Future Coalition’s jewelry studios are places of learning, growth, and independence. For the past decade, we have been breaking barriers and our jewelers take pride in being some of India's first women goldsmiths!  Our studios are fair trade, use sustainable materials and ethically sourced materials. 

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