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Women's Interlink Foundation

Mirai Blue Fringed Kimono

Mirai Blue Fringed Kimono

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Crafted from a luxurious blend of lightweight fabrics, the "Mirai" jacket is adorned in a mesmerizing shade of deep blue, reminiscent of the serene sky at dusk.

The jacket features an exquisite fringe detailing along the hem, adding a playful and dynamic element to the garment. The fringe, carefully arranged to create a captivating border, sways gracefully with every movement, creating an enchanting visual effect. The intricate design of the fringe not only adds a touch of bohemian charm but also lends a sense of movement and flow to the overall silhouette. One size fits most. Slight stain on back of jacket

Pictured with our Resilience Necklace and a black dress, not included.

Designed by our incredible partners, Women's Interlink Foundation (WIF):

{ Through its various projects, WIF aims to bring about mainstreaming and self reliance among vulnerable women and children who are under-privileged and are victims of social injustice and sexual exploitation.

WIF has successfully created opportunities for these women and children that will enable them to make a new beginning for a safe and secure future in which they can take care of themselves and their families without victimization and exploitation.

The projects for the children aim to restart their education and encourages them to take up vocational training that will help them to earn a living. The projects for women are aimed at creating awareness of their rights and opportunities, and in achieving socio-economic empowerment.}

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